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A variety of support documents can be downloaded from this page in PDF format. Click to download the file. To order printed copies, click here.

Tip Sheets for Young Employees (by Industry)

Are You a Working Teen?

Are You a Teen Working in Agriculture?

Health Care Providers
Tipsheet: Talking to your teen patients about work

Facts for Employers--Safer Jobs for Teens

Sexual Harassment Factsheet
Developed by UCLA's Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program

Tips for Parents of Working Teens

So You've Got the Job
Developed by the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety.

Youth @ Work: Talking Safety Curriculum (2007)
This curriculum includes instructor's notes and training materials for teaching youth basic job health and safety knowledge and skills, including youth with developmental and learning disabilities. The 3-5 hour curriculum covers how to recognize and reduce hazards in the workplace, employees' rights and responsibilities, emergency preparedness, and how to speak up about workplace concerns in an effective manner.

LOHP and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have produced custom versions of Youth @ Work: Talking Safety for each state in the U.S. Each state version has specific information about the state's child labor laws, minimum wage, regulatory and resource agencies, etc. The state versions are available on the NIOSH website at

Teens, Work, and Safety—A Curriculum for High School Students (1998)
Designed by and for teachers, this curriculum presents the basics of workplace health and safety to young people in a lively and interesting way. It can be used in academic high school classes as well as in vocational and work experience programs. Three teaching units, each 3-5 hours in length, are for use in high school English, Science, and U.S. Government classes. There is also a General Unit for use in any class. Each unit contains learning objectives, lesson plans, detailed teacher's instructions, masters for overheads, and student handouts. Units cover both specific job hazards and labor laws. Interactive activities encourage student participation.

This curriculum is no longer available in print but all units are online.

New! Safe Jobs For Youth Month Resource Kit 2013
Developed by UC Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program.

Click below to download individual items from the 2012 Resource Kit. Please feel free to print and use any or all of the kit directly from these links. Free printed kits are also available. If you would like a kit or a free full-size 2012 poster (or two or three) to supplement your teaching, please contact Donna Iverson at (510) 643-8902.

Previous Kits

Previous Teaching Activities

Orienting Worksite Supervisors About Teen Health and Safety
Developed by UC Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program.

Teens Speak Out for Safety on the Job: Lessons from the Young Worker Leadership Academy
Since 2005, over 150 enthusiastic young people from throughout California have attended one of our Young Worker Leadership Academies (YWLAs) on workplace health and safety. The YWLA is a fun, activity-packed, all-expense-paid leadership training for teens. It prepares teams of teens to go back to their communities and create an education, policy, or media project that promotes workplace safety for young people. Because the YWLA can serve as a model for similar efforts, we have prepared this new booklet, Teens Speak Out for Safety on the Job, to explain how the YWLA works. It describes, step by step, how we plan and carry out the YWLA and what lessons we have learned.

For more information on the Young Worker Leadership Academies, click here.

Recommendations for Protecting California's Young Workers

The California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety has released a set of recommendations, "Keeping California's Youth Safe on the Job." This statewide task force includes representatives from 25 different agencies and organizations that play a role in educating or protecting working teens. Recommendations were developed and revised based on input from Partnership members, as well from participants in a day-long public forum held in March 2004, "Young Workers at Risk: Planning for Action." The 33 recommendations highlight policy changes, educational strategies, and enforcement efforts that would improve the protection of young workers in California. Click here to download a copy of the recommendations.

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Worker Safety Curriculum

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