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May -- Safe Jobs for Youth Month

What is Safe Jobs for Youth Month?

Safe Jobs for Youth Month is an annual public awareness campaign to highlight the importance of preventing teen injuries on the job during the month of May. The objective is to protect young workers from injury by raising community awareness about child labor and workplace health and safety issues. It is supported by the California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety, a statewide working group representing government agencies, educators, parents, employers, job trainers, labor unions and others. Everyone is encouraged to help bring attention to this issue in their own communities.

Why Is It Needed?

Every 6 minutes, somewhere in the U.S. a teenager is injured seriously enough on the job to go to a hospital emergency room. 70 teens die from their injuries each year. These injuries and deaths can be prevented if you know the laws, make sure teens are doing appropriate work, make sure teen workers are trained and supervised, and help teens learn to ask for help when they need it.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! Think about what you can do in your program or community to highlight this issue, among any of the following audiences:

  • Teens
  • Employers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • School Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Job trainers

What Kinds of Activities Will Help Promote Safe Jobs for Youth in Our Community?

An awareness campaign in your community could involve the following possible components:

  • A media campaign
  • A city resolution (To see actual proclamations, click here.) in support of Safe Jobs for Youth Month
  • Recruitment of teens to participate in the Safe Jobs for Youth Month Poster or PSA Contest.
  • Display case at schools or libraries (For sample of an actual display, click here).

Activities for schools

Activities for job training programs

  • Highlight health and safety in recruitment outreach, job fairs
  • Seek city council resolutions supporting safe jobs for youth
  • Offer workshops for participating employers

Activities for employer groups

  • Include information on child labor laws and training young workers in employer newsletters
  • Highlight best practices of "good" youth employers
  • Work with local summer jobs programs to help recruit employers and highlight health and safety
  • Bring a Health and Safety speaker to your local business meeting

Activities for parents

  • Plan presentations at PTA meetings, churches
  • Include information on child labor laws and health and safety issues in newsletters (PTA, churches, other parent organizations) - see resource kit

Activities for labor organizations

  • Offer speakers to schools to address health and safety issues Place an article in the union newsletter
  • Make a presentation at a union meeting
  • Distribute information to teen members

Activities for Safe Jobs for Youth Month

  • Media Campaign
    The California Department of Industrial Relations is conducting a media campaign to inform the California press about issues in young worker health and safety. Contact Eric Rood for information.

    Young Worker Leadership Academy Activities. This year, teams of youth from many California communities who attended one of our Young Worker Leadership Academies will be conducting outreach and educational activities during Safe Jobs for Youth Month. These will include school and community workshops, surveys of working teens, and development of videos and PSAs. For more information, contact or
  • Resource Kits for Teachers
    The California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety has created Resource Kits for community action on young worker health and safety. See below for information on how to order.

  • Teen Poster Contest
    The California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety holds an annual Teen Poster Contest, with up to 200 entries statewide. Check back in September 2012 for information about the 2013 Teen Poster Contest.

  • General Educational Outreach and Publicity
    All of the members of the California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety participate by posting information on their websites, and distributing factsheets to teens and employers.

What are you doing?

If you are publicizing or holding an event during Safe Jobs for Youth Month in your school or community, contact Donna Iverson and we'll publicize it here!

Materials available to order and/or download from the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety

(1) Free! Resource Kit: For teachers and other adults working with teens. It contains a teaching activity, "Bingo" instructing teens on workplace rights and health and safety, a teen-drawn poster, factsheets for youth and employers summarizing child labor laws, and some samples of how to get active in one's local community.

(2) Free! Teen Poster: A colorful poster about young worker health and safety created by a California teen.

(3) Free! Educational Bookmarks. Printed in color by the Department of Industrial Relations. Lists some health and safety prevention and child labor laws. (See sample - call LOHP for more information.)

(4) Free! Flyer with resource information. This teen-oriented, postable flyer advertises the toll-free resource line 1-888-933-TEEN (8336) and website, of the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety. Order multiple copies to distribute. If you would like to order any of these free materials, please contact Donna Iverson. Some of these and other materials are available on our Document Downloads page.

Additional printed materials may be ordered from: UC Berkeley-LOHP and UCLA-LOSH


Where Can I Get More Information?

Young Workers Project
Labor Occupational Health Program
U.C. Berkeley
2223 Fulton St., 4th Floor
Berkeley, CA 94720-5120
1-888-933-8336 (Telephone)
510-643-5698 (FAX)



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